Quick & Creamy Spinach Pasta

Quick and creamy, Spinashi Pasta puts a delicious dessert on the table for about 30 minutes!

Fresh or frozen spinach, shortcut cream cheese parmesan sauce, and tender pasta make it easy to have a weekly meal.

Here’s why we love this
It needs a few ingredients that you probably have.
Spinach pasta is perfect for a busy night, quick to make!
If you like spinach cream, you will love the taste of this dish.
Keeping a packet of frozen spinach in hand makes this easy to do at any time.
This is a great meat-free meal but you can add cooked shrimp or chicken left over.

Spinach: Use fresh or frozen spinach. If you use ice, make sure you squeeze it properly. If you use fresh, cook it in the pan first and then squeeze it out.

SAUCE: Applying cream cheese to the sauce means no need for roux. Spreading hot cream cheese will work as well (like vegetables and garlic) but it won’t be too big.

To stretch the sauce for a large crowd, whisk in the heavy cream and allow to boil for a few minutes before adding the parmesan cheese.

PASTA: Any medium pasta works. Penne, farfalle, and rotini are good choices. This sauce works well with ravioli filled with cheese.

How to Make Spinach Pasta
Prepare the pasta and cook al dente.
While the pasta is cooking, whisk the onions into the pan.
Add the cream cheese and, once melted, stir in the broth and spinach.
Sprinkle sauce with cooked pasta and Parmesan cheese.

Great Pasta Diet Tips
Be sure to salt the pasta water for the best taste.
Frozen spinach can be replaced with fresh spinach. Cook 1 lb of fresh spinach in a non-stick pan until dry. Cool slightly and press dry.

Drain the spinach before adding to the pan to remove excess moisture.
For a smooth sauce, melt the cheese cream before adding the broth.
Do not wash the pasta, this will help the sauce stick to it.

Many Fleshless Stores
If you have spinach to use, find our favorite recipes for frozen spinach here.

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Quick & Creamy Spinach Pasta
PREPARE TIME 20 minutes
COOK TIME 10 minutes
TOTAL TIME 30 minutes
SERVINGS4 servers
AUTHORHolly Nilsson
Spinach pasta is rich, creamy, and cheesy.

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