Simple Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce is incredibly easy to make at home (with only 4 ingredients) and the taste is much better than canned or canned.

Did you know that cranberry sauce can be made a few months in advance and frozen? Just melt away and serve on the big day!

Home made is best
The traditional cranberry sauce recipe is delicious and tart. We offer it both Thanksgiving and Christmas (and sometimes Easter), delicious with roasted turkey, chicken, goose, and Cornish game chicken, and even ham.

It is very easy to do.
Almost no prep required.
It can be made as a whole berry sauce or smooth.
It can be made a month in advance and frozen.
Once you have made your own cranberry sauce, I can assure you that you will never buy it again (unless you use it to make meatballs for cocktails).

Cranberries are the star of this recipe and you can use fresh or frozen. When using ice there is no need to melt it first. We like to throw a cinnamon stick in the mix, if you don’t have one, add a pinch of ground cinnamon or even apple spices!

Sugar measures the tart taste of this sauce.

Water or orange juice is needed to help cook the cranberries. Even apple juice works. The water will give it a traditional flavor while the orange juice will add extra zest.

Yummy changes
We use orange juice but we use your favorite juice from pineapple to apple.
Add lemon or orange juice for extra flavor.
Sprinkle with spices and add a pinch of nutmeg, or allspice to bring
Replace o.j. with a beverage, Grand Marnier, rum, or small brandy.
Skip the sugar and use maple syrup or honey for sweetness.
How to Make Cranberry Sauce
It’s very simple. Put cranberries, sugar, and orange juice / juice in a pot with cinnamon sticks.

Bring to a boil (you will hear cranberries begin to emerge) and stir. Bake for about 10 minutes. Cool to room temperature and refrigerate.

Easy right ?!

Notes Recipe
The water produces a traditional flavor while the orange juice makes it bestier.
This cranberry sauce recipe will solidify as it cools.
If you would like a smooth sauce, put the warm mixture into a mesh strainer and strain it into a bowl. Squeeze the cranberries with a spoon to remove as much juice as possible.
Can You Freeze Cranberry Sauce?
Absolutely! In fact, keep cranberries when they appear in your local store as they use a lot of items all year round from Sour Cream Cranberry Bars to Cranberry Trifle or toss them into smoothies.

If you prefer cranberries, buy a pack of 1 or 2 pounds of whole, unripe berries that are bright pink or red. Fresh cranberries will stay in the refrigerator for 4 weeks and can be frozen for up to a year as long as they are sealed in an airtight bag.

Do You Have Leftover Cranberry Sauce?
The remaining cranberry sauce is perfect on top of ice cream, cheese cake or sponge cake. It is best if you use leftover turkey in sandwiches or put it in Oatmeal for the Night Fridge or over French toast or homemade waffles or pancakes. The possibilities are endless!

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Simple Cranberry Sauce
COOK TIME 10 minutes
TOTAL TIME 15 minutes
SERVINGS8 servers
AUTHORHolly Nilsson
There is no such thing as a ‘holiday’ other than the delicious taste of home-cooked cranberry sauce.

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